Why You Should Spend More Time Thinking About alcohol infused cupcakes near me

My friend, Lauren, sent me this photo that really struck a chord with me. Her friend is a self-proclaimed cupcake addict and she was going through a transition. She was in her cupcakes phase and just could not contain how good they tasted. She was going to make the switch to cupcakes, but realized she had a bit too much alcohol in her system for the change.

A recent study conducted on a sample of 12,000 adults found that alcohol consumption is associated with depression and self-harm. While it’s not clear why alcohol consumption makes people feel depressed (we all know why), I think it’s safe to say alcohol has caused a great many people to feel suicidal.

If you’re really feeling the need to cut out alcohol, then make sure to buy some alcohol infused cupcakes. These are just the best cupcakes I’ve ever had, and I have a feeling they will be in heaven.

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