This Is Your Brain on berry cupcakes

It’s hard to be a self-aware consumer when you have so much sugar in your life. I know I’m guilty of this. I’m probably one of those people who always makes the most chocolate and other baked goods, and I’m obsessed with getting the most sugar out of everything I eat.

You know how on your favorite holiday movie you watch an ad where the guy at the cash register is so happy that you got a $5.00 bill for $5.00. Well, if you’re like me and feel so inclined, you might enjoy a berry cupcake. Not a cupcake with jam on it, but a cupcake with berries.

If youre like me, you probably have a few berry cupcakes in your cupboard, or at least a couple of the kinds that I recommend. I know I do. This one is a berry pie. I love a good vanilla with a hint of berries. If youre a baker or a cook, you’ll love a cupcake that tastes like its been soaked in milk.

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