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Every day, people are waking up with a strong desire to eat a few rum cakes. A few at a time usually, so I figure I’ll wait until I get a craving and then I’ll make a batch. These rum cakes are delicious on their own, but if you add rum to the batter, you get the rum cake sandwich.

Rum cake sandwiches and other rum cake recipes are a thing in Jamaica. It’s a thing that is really popular, so it’s not surprising that there are several kinds. One of my favorite is the rum cake roll-up. The rum cake has a little chocolate sauce, and then the filling is a rum buttercream with a bit of coffee-coconut cream.

I’m sure there are other rum cake recipes, but one of my favorite things about this cake is it has rum in the filling. The rum cake is a very popular cake among those with a sweet tooth, and I love the way it is covered in rum and coffee-coconut cream. It’s definitely a staple in my house.

I found a recipe for rum cake in a book “The Essential Jamaican Cooking Cookbook” by the late, great George Bowerman. You can find it on Amazon.

The name of this cake is a bit misleading. It’s not a “rare” cake, but I’ve found that most good recipes for rum cake have it as one of their ingredients.

The rum in the filling makes it a great cake to make for holiday parties. I like to top it with whipped cream, but you can use any topping you like. The other ingredient in this cake is rum, which is a Jamaican spirit that is mixed into the cream and coffee-coconut cream to give it the right flavor. The rum is also used to add color and flavor to the cake. This cake is perfect for holidays.

I think this is a rum cake recipe that’s definitely on the low-down on the list of things I would like to make for special occasions. It’s definitely a recipe I would make as part of a gift basket, and I wouldn’t hesitate to make it for Christmas and other holidays. It’s also a recipe I would make for a rum cake that is too tasty to eat alone.

The rum cake recipe is very easy to make, which is why it has become such a popular recipe. The only trick is adding the rum to the cream and coconut oil as quickly as you can so that the ratio of rum and cream can be adjusted as you see fit. This is a cake recipe where you can make it a day or two ahead and then freeze or refrigerate it in a freezer bag for up to 3 months.

I love making this rum cake recipe, because I feel like I get a big, delicious, happy feeling every time I make it. And I mean every time. Because the recipe is super easy to follow and the results are great. Because I have a really large pantry and a ton of ingredients, this recipe makes about ten large rum cake tins, which is all the ingredients I need.

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