Buzzwords, De-buzzed: 10 Other Ways to Say pixie stick candy

We love to bake. We love to decorate. We love to make things and we love to eat them. This is especially true of the most popular food in the world. We can’t think of one that is a bit more popular than pixie stick candy.

Pixie stick candy is a favorite of many moms and daughters. It’s a sweet, sticky candy made with a mix of shredded and pulverized mint and caramel. The candy is made in a process that resembles a candy factory. The candy is made by adding small amounts of each ingredient until it’s smooth and shiny. The candy is then passed through a sugar syrup that has a higher caramel content and is the final product.

The only real downside to pixie stick candy is its taste, which is extremely bland and lacks the flavor of other candy. It’s the biggest downside of pixie stick candy. The flavor of pixie stick candy is one of the few things that makes it an attractive flavor to eat.

If you like to eat candy, then pixie stick candy has to be one of your favorite candies. Most people would say it’s one of the only candies you can enjoy without being concerned about its taste. Of course, pixie stick candy tastes great, but it’s not a candy that everyone enjoys eating.

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