An Introduction to sprinkles cake

This is one of those recipes that is easy and very good for both the cook and the recipient. You can make these in the morning and put them on the table at dinner.

You could also put these on top of ice cream for a tasty dessert treat. It’s best to try making them once, but if you find you’re making many of these, you can freeze them and put them in the freezer once they’re cold. You can also freeze them for later, then just take them out and eat them, or you could refrigerate them, then put them in a container and freeze. Either way, you can make a pretty good batch of sprinkles cake.

The cake is best made in the morning, or you can put them in the fridge, and they melt a little if it gets too warm.

Most of the sprinkles are ready to be put in the freezer and then they’re ready to be put in the freezer for another hour.

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