sweet pea cupcakes

With spring coming to an end, I wanted to make my sweet pea cupcakes a little extra special. The pea cupcake recipe is a great one to use up any leftover summer produce in the freezer, but I also thought about using a small amount of leftover corn, plus, I always enjoy using up the dried peas in the freezer. This recipe will work perfectly well with the fresh peas, and the sweetness from the corn will keep the flavor of the cupcakes super delicious.

I like the fresh peas more than the dried peas, but you could use the dried corn, too. Both are in the same ratio of liquid to starch, so the corn will have the same consistency as the peas, but the dried peas will be a little stronger. I tried to keep the recipe to a single egg, but you could use as many as you like.

I made this recipe, but I just use the dried peas.

I’m in the middle of making this recipe with a couple things: The recipe calls for a 1-inch cake mix (or whatever version the recipe calls for), and a 1-inch biscuit cutter (or whatever the recipe calls for). I used some of the dried pumpkin seeds that we used in the recipe—they’re very sweet, so I hope that makes it a little more crunchy.

The cake is a bit of a work in progress. I’m hoping that after making it with the dried peas, it will be a little more crunchy, but I doubt it. I’m also not sure about the texture of the cupcake itself, but you can always mix it in a mixer or something. The recipe calls for 1-inch cake mix, so that’s what I’m using.

The recipe calls for a whole lot of sugar, but this one does have a lot of flour, which will make it slightly tacky. I do know that it does have a lot of flour, but I don’t know if it can be used to make a lot more light flour.

It is pretty easy to make, and I have no doubts that they taste good. The texture is fine if you want it more “cakey.” I can see why they make it; it’s a cupcake recipe, and you know that cupcakes are one of the things you put in a bag when you bring it to a party. I’m not sure what I like about it. The texture is fine.

I have to say that I think the texture of these cupcakes is a little too fine. The texture is fine, but I think it would be nice to see cupcakes made with a little more flour.

If you need to be a good baker, then you should put in a little more flour and have a little extra cup of flour to get a little more cakey. The recipe calls for that.

I have to give the recipe credit to the folks over at Food Network, because they really did a great job with the actual cupcakes. They didn’t just write a recipe and then just call it cupcakes, they did the research. They didn’t just put a bunch of cupcake batter on the counter, they tested it and decided what texture they liked, and what looks too flaky or soft to my taste. They tested the batter and then thought of the texture that they liked.

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